What’s on the to do list now?

A while back, I posted up what I still had to do on the car. Here’s a breakdown:


  • Full doors (looking for a good second hand set ideally). – Done
  • Wheels (I’ve got spare tyres, but I need the wheels to go with them now.) They are like gold dust second hand. – Done
  • Race mirrors (Longacre 14″ rear view and Racetech/Spa wing mirror). – Done
  • Race gear (Helmet, suit, underwear, boots, gloves, HANS). – Done

Car tweaks

  • Basic flat floor and geometry setup. – Done
  • Car race preparation (side impact bars, 7 grill, rain light, rollover padding). – Done

So, that just leaves two outstanding items on the original list:

  • Bag seat/HANS adjustment.
  • Fix boot cover poppers.

I did go through and fix the majority of the poppers. However, since then, a lot of them have broken again. I really need to get hold of the correct crimping tool for the poppers, rather than persevere with the hammer method.

I’m still undecided whether to get a bag seat done ahead of the sprints. There are a few  factors that likely mean I should. 1. I can’t get the HANS adjustment correctly made until I have the bag seat in place. 2. It’s lighter to have the bag seat in place and I’m way over weight with the car at present. 3. I do bump my helmet on the roll cage padding and I’ve not checked whether I’m inside the regulations on height in the car.

To this small list of outstanding items, I should add on a few others:

  • Race stickers/livery
  • Final setup check
  • Pre-season bolt and condition check
  • Pick up spare pads for front and rear brakes


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