Well done Academy 2015!

To kill some time before Zandvoort next weekend, I decided I’d rock up to the Caterham Academy 2015’s first race at Rockingham. It’s a long time since my first race at Donington back in 2013 but the memories are still fresh! It’s a day that I’ll never forget. The step from sprints to racing is a big one, it’s intimidating and there’s a huge air of expectation about getting on track for the first time!

We had glorious weather at Donington for our race. In contrast, after a day’s dry testing for the class of 2015, they were faced with soaking conditions for their qualification and race on what is widely considered to be the slippiest track in the UK!

Surely a recipe for disaster? Well, not the case as it goes. Both groups were understandably nervous ahead of their qualification but as soon as they were all safely back in parc-ferme, those nerves had all been replaced by adrenalin highs.

By the time the races started, it was raining even more heavily and the tack was covered in standing water. Given that these are possibly the worst possible conditions to race in, with zero visibility, there were remarkably few spins / issues. They all did a great job and only a brief safety car period to recover a stranded car on the banking in White group’s race temporarily stopped the action.

There were some storming drives; some commanding drives. There will also be some drivers who feel like they didn’t get the most out of themselves or who let a good result slip through their fingers.

There’s so much to learn in the Academy year, but the guys and girls of the class of 2015 represented themselves really well and, fingers crossed, it will be a great years racing for all of them.

Picture thanks to SnappyRacers.

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