Useful links and resources…

There are some great resources out online – and the source for much of the information that has been collated here.

First step for any Academy entrant (or any other entrant to the Caterham Motorsport ladder is the main motorsport website and also the community forum.

Main Caterham Motorsport Website:

Main Caterham Motorsport Forum:

There are also some great blogs that have been put together by prior competitors to the Academy which document their builds and their seasons progress.

Often these same competitors are also active on the community forum, so they are a great resource to find out the information you really need when considering taking part.

They know what it took to build and compete in their respecitve seasons!

Academy Competitor Blogs

  • Mike Hart Racing – Documents build and competition through 2010 Caterham Academy
  • Racing Fox Blog – Document build of 2010 Caterham Academy car and competition through a championship winning season, and then on into another winning championship in Caterham Roadsport B.
  • Tim Abbott Racing – 2010 season blog
  • Joel Wymer Blog – Racing13 2010 build and competition blog. Also Roadsport B during 2011.
  • Torminator – Build blog and build up to the 2012 season

11 thoughts on “Useful links and resources…”

  1. Loving it, super usefull blog. I tried to get a handle on the ‘all in’ cost of the caterham academy a year or so ago but i came up against the same info vacuum you did, but i didn’t (and still dont) have the funds to take the plunge any way. Keep all the costings and info coming!

    1. Cheers. I’m entering that middle ground now where I’ve gathered a fair amount of info, but really I need to now start living it out to really understand costs etc! Thing is, I can’t do that until I have to start spending the money and putting the thing together!

  2. This is, and will, be a handy blog for those interested in the Academy. I think the main reason that cost doesn’t get thrown about much, is because it can deter a lot of people from doing it. I know I didn’t price anything up before hand, because I knew it’d be too painful to know how much money I was going to spend :-). When buying gear, go to wherever you want (I went to Demon-Tweaks) with a budget, and they will keep you within that budget. The Academy car is surprisingly comfortable, even with the expanding foam seat. all tires, and soft suspension means it handles bumps very well. Granted I’m 21, some of the older guys have said they find it… uncomfortable…

    Anyway, I look forward to watching how this blog progresses, and maybe see you at an event or track day. I presume you’re building it?

    1. I agree that it can get painful, quickly! And it’s not designed to put anyone off of course – just be a realistic estimate of lowest possible costs, as well as normal costs and then upper band costs involved.

      I’m fairly sure that it would be FAR worse to go into the season thinking that buying the car was all that’s involved. Those extras that you need to shell out for but are not highlighted add up and could mean someone buys into the Academy and then can’t actually run the season. For anyone that thinks things may be tight, perhaps this info can offer a way for people to delay a further year to save up a sensible budget, instead of rushing in… but then that’s all far too sensible!

      I’m sure we’ll catch up at an event at some point. I plan on making my way over when you get to the circuit racing. I’ll obviously be keeping an eye on this years results as well 🙂

      Oh, and yes, I’m building it… as much as that may end up being daft!

      1. Of course, a very handy thing. There were a couple times in my pre season spending where things came up short…

        It’s never daft to build the car. You know so much more about it by building it. For example, when something goes wrong, instead of “Oh crap, better call Caterham to have them fix it” you go “Oh, I know what the is, it’s the x wire”, 2 seconds later it’s fixed.

        Haha, to know who to get tips from? 😀

        1. I am looking forward to it in a kind of scared way 🙂

          I’d be very interested to know whether I’ve kind of hit the nail on the head about costs so far and any comments against costings posted elsewhere in the blog would be great from a competitor point of view.

          And best of luck at Aintree… it’s a long way to go for 3 corners but I bet it’s a blast all the same!

          1. I’ll have a look at my receipts and see. I know you’re close with the gear, if you go for the melding point of safety and lightness (the more expensive the lighter they get) then you, like I, can walk out spending £1395 or less if you don’t go head to toe in Alpinestars… 25k sounds right after paint, road insurance, and the Caterham post build inspection/fixing of things & IVA/road tax/reg for the car. I can’t say on adding the trailer etc. Petrol really isn’t that bad, it burns a tank per 110 track miles, but gets 40mpg on the m’way so it evens out :).

            You sound about accurate though.

  3. Hi and thanks for producing what looks like a very helpful site. I paid my deposit on the 10th April having had one very quick sit in an Academy vehicle at Caterham Midlands. I suspect it was the easiest sale they had ever had 🙂 Your figures are looking reasonably close to my back of a fag packet calculation – my main concern is the big unknown of raceday damage costs. I’m very excited just thinking about next year so can’t imagine what I am going to be like when the bits arrive in my garage.

    1. I don’t suppose you know whether they’re now filling up Group 2 for the 2013 Academy or whether they’re still topping up group 1?

      In any case, great to have another 2013 person along for the ride! I get more excited by the day – although everything is still a way off yet.

      My purchase involved one email, and then another one sending over the completed order form… You are far in advance of me having sat in one! I did have a sniff around the car on the BRSCC stand at Autosport live, but that’s as far as I’ve got so far!

      1. Ha ha, I stand corrected – I’m glad I carried out some deep research before the purchase! I was told that mine was the first order for a 2013 Academy at Midlands and he didn’t know how many others had been ordered at that point, so I can’t really help, sorry.

        I’m Shropshire based, are you down south?


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