Nose job

I tentatively rolled the car back off the trailer for the first time since loading at the end of the Rockingham weekend to assess the damage. The nose cone is shattered down the right side, where it had an unwanted meeting with a tyre barrier. Other than the nose, the right headlamp is also out of shape where it was pushed back. As this attaches to the upper wishbone mount, I’m going to double check that once I get everything back into the garage this weekend.

On the face of it though, other than the mess of a nose and front wing, everything else appears in good shape. The radiator does have a mark on it where the nose was pushed up against it, but is hasn’t ruptured anything. There were no signs of drips where it’s been sat on the trailer.

So, this evening, I took to the highly important task of re-cheesifying the newly ordered nose cone and wheel arch. Fingers crossed, after some time in the garage, everything will be back looking the way it should ready for Silverstone.

I’m also hoping to do one final episode of my video diary series which should complete all those little things that have been done to the car since the last episode ahead of the season proper.

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