Basic Car £20,495
Factory Build £3,000
Push button start £55
Momo steering wheel & quick release column £300
Weather equipment £510
Hood bag £80
Tonneau cover £180
Black pack £240
Side screen armrests £150
Paint £
Painted bonnet stripe & noseband £275
Painted noseband £105
Painted "7" grill £35
3 year service plan £800
Delivery Cost £
Half Doors £216
Full Doors £288
Garage Hire £
Trailer £
Tow hook £
Tyres £
Race suit £
Nomex underwear £
Helmet £
HANS Car Adjustment (Arch Motors) £240
Boots £
Gloves £
Gumshield £
Pertrol £
Accommodation £
Brake pads £188
Accident Damage £
Lap timer £
On-board camera £
Track days/testing £
Driver tuition £
Insurance £
Bag seat £
- First deposit (Payable on sibmission of order)
- Second deposit (Payable 12 weeks ahead of kit delivery)
- Final order payment (Balance from inital order of car + options. Payable before delivery date)
- Costs to be covered ahead of season
- Costs acruued through season



One thought on “Cost Calculator”

  1. Hello,

    I am just like yourself, I have always wanted to get into racing and this does seem like a great way to introduce yourself into it.
    I understand a lot of the prices are readily available, not just on your site but also from Caterham. But it would be better to talk to someone, like yourself that has/ is actually doing it.
    So if you don’t mind, would you mind discussing how much it all really has cost?
    What do you actually get? Insurance costs, do you get tyres every race etc?

    Adam Hatton

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