Can a theme be taken too far?

Finally, after many months of waiting, building, waiting, driving and waiting the Cheesemobile is finally clothed. Yesterday, I went out in the freezing conditions to give the car a good clean and today, I was back in the garage to adorn the car with its racing livery.

It has always been in my head that this was going to be the final fate of the car but I still wasn’t sure I’d have the nerve. But in the end, I JFDI’d.

On the short drive back to put the car on the trailer, 2 people laughed heartily at the creation. This was embarrassing. But NOBODY could say I haven’t put everything into creating a unique car!

Putting the stickers on wasn’t as painful a job as I was expecting. Using the wet method does make things a little easier to manage but judging the right amount of soapy water to apply is a little bit of an art-form. A couple of stickers had to be re-positioned and they were pretty compliant when still wet. Once properly squeegeed, they stuck well.

I have made at least one slight error – but I’m not flagging it up and hopefully nobody will notice. (This means that it’s likely everyone will notice).

I didn’t end up putting the numbers on. I’ve decided that I’ll do this as a little ceremonial ‘topping out’ just ahead of the official test session.

Secretly, I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out. It’s not subtle. It’s not a work of photo-realism. But it is mine! Who knew, all those years ago at college when my mate Angela May  issued forth the decree that I should hence forth be known as Cheesy, it would lead to this!

4 thoughts on “Can a theme be taken too far?”

  1. Great stuf Chris, looks awesome! I think I can see the minor error and if it is what I think then I’m sure you’ll be fine. Of course I might have spotted something different 😉

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