All the gear and no idea… Autosport International

I took a trip up to Autosport International yesterday. This was my second visit to the show as I went last year with the aim of finally making my mind up on whether I should go racing, whether I could afford it and, if so, what series to enter with.

This year, I went on a trade day and for sheer joy of being able to move, see things and chat to people, it was definitely worth it.

I also turned up with a shopping list. I wasn’t sure whether it was going to be practical to actually buy anything at the show and also whether it was sensible with relatively limited stock or chances to try things on. However, Demon Tweeks have a great setup at the show that includes most of their main stock and also have chancing room facilities. Anything they don’t have, they can order and will ship for free.

They also honoured the 10% discount for Caterham Academy entrants and, being face to face also meant I could be cheeky and see if I could get any more deals!

I spoke with Chris on the stand and spent what must have been a good hour trying things on etc and here’s what I came away with in the end:

Arai GP-6Sarai Schroth HANS postshansclip Schroth Sport HANS (20 degree)hans
OMP First S Race Suitsuit OMP First S Glovesgloves OMP First S Race Bootsboots
OMP Nomex Sockssocks OMP Clubman Balaclava / Long Sleeve Top / Long Johnsunderwear Longacre 14″ Rear View Mirrorlongacre
Racetech F1 Wing Mirrorwingmirror

Racetech Single Seater Mirrorrac_sin-seat-lh-blk

I spent the money on a helmet that fitted and I love! But it did cost a chunk of cash. The HANS is also another large dent in the budget but seems sensible and I think the majority will now race with these nowadays. The rest of the kit was the budget end of the market. I did actually try several different brands and price range products but I preferred the cheaper boots and gloves in any case.

I also ticked off the two mirrors that I want to race with.


UPDATE: The correct mirror to buy is in fact the Racetech Single Seater mirror (convex is normal choice). The ‘F1’ version shown above will attach to the car but it’s not quite adjustable enough to make it sit 90 degrees out to the side and so it’s visually and practically not as good.

It feels good that I’ve now pretty much got everything I need for the year ahead. I just need to get the car out on track and on the road now. The weathers not helping that though!

2 thoughts on “All the gear and no idea… Autosport International”

  1. Hi Chris –
    Good to see you at Autosport and good luck with the academy racing this year. Nice job with the website buddy – and the car looks suitably cheesy! I went for yellow with my 924 too – as there aren’t that many yellow cars around and they really stand out on track! Suggest you might want to swap the cycle wings for standard black ones for racing though – as they are cheaper to replace than getting new ones painted yellow constantly – but hey – the car look great!
    Will keep an eye on your site and YouTube to see how you get on.
    Regards, Rick 😉

  2. Hi Rick – yep great to catch up. You caught me rather off guard at the show! The wings were supposed to be black from the off – but a delivery cockup meant they came yellow – and I just went with it! If they get knocked off, they will indeed be replaced with black and I’m certainly not bothered about having odd corner colours until they’ve all been sacrificed!

    The car’s not quite finished it’s transformation yet… watch this space. In for a penny, in for a pound right!

    I will alo be keeping an eye on your vids in expectation of your rounds this year! Good luck!

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