Time for a sabbatical

It’s time to refresh the financial batteries. It’s time to call an end to Part A of my race driver adventure.

Whilst it’s not a decision I have taken lightly, it feels like the right one to make at this point. 6 years have taken their toll on my bank balance (or rather, debt levels) and I need some time to get back on a level playing field again.

I’ve got the London Marathon to concentrate on in the short term and whilst I won’t be putting together a full championship campaign in 2019, I do think that I’ll be out racing something through the year as one off arrive and drive type affairs.

Who knows, I may even try something that’s not a Caterham!

I’m keen to still be a part of the Caterham paddock and am investigating options here and, whatever happens, I look forward to following along with everyone else’s highs and lows in 2019.

What a 6 years it’s been! So many memories stored up on these shelves.