Pete Fortune

A little over a week ago, we lost Pete Fortune. A friend and mentor to many of the Caterham Paddock. Someone fiercely competitive, extremely talented and fast. Someone helpful, friendly and patient.

Someone who was living a dream, diving cars fast and doing so with huge success and sharing it with his friends and family.

The Caterham paddock is large and the fact that the loss is felt so far and wide is testament to the man.¬†There’s still a sense of complete and utter shock and disbelief all around the wider Caterham Motorsport community. There are a lot of people hurting badly at what was taken away.

Everyone’s thoughts and feelings go out to Pete’s family and friends. There is a part of our paddock that is forever Welsh and it will always feel emptier without him. However, we each carry some of his spirit with us and we’ll continue to race hard, close and fair in memory.

Here’s to you Pete. xx