Tow ball done

£345 fitted inc VAT and I have a tow ball ready for the trailer.

The Elise is being pampered at the moment and will be polished within an inch of it’s life geting ready for sale. The warm weather isn’t any good for plants at the moment, but if it continues, it could be great for selling a convertible!

Fingers crosses…

Also good to see some other Academy racers coming by the site. It would be brilliant if comments were left to see how my cost estimations are going? Are they accurate?

This in-between stage is hard to live with at the moment. I can’t get on track as I’m saving every penny at the moment and it’s still a long way off to the build. I’m sure time will scream by though. Especially as there are 2 payment stages in-between now and then!

One final update is that I’m going to speak to Caterham about sorting myself a visit to see options and test drive a 7! Buying a car without having sat in it or driven it is a bit barmy!